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Magical Thinking | August 16, 2016

One of the few things Trump supporters have left is the use of Donald Trump’s unlikely nomination by the Republican Party as a template for making lightning strike twice. One of the reasons I don’t predict Trump’s epic loss in November is that I predicted his primary defeat when the RNC would pressure all the non-Cruz candidates to drop out. They never did that. Instead, Rubio stayed in long enough to be defeated by Trump in Florida and John Kasich stayed long enough to ensure the nomination he now whines about constantly. I misjudged the hatred of Cruz by the RNC and now they have to scramble to save enough Senate seats to block a Clinton presidency.

While I understand all the “Hillary Clinton is evil” arguments and that some people are holding their nose and voting Trump, I don’t feel it at a gut level. I can’t even get angry about the prospect of President Clinton 2 because the Republicans squandered such a great opportunity.

Maybe Trump has some grand plan to fool everyone. Maybe the elections are all rigged. Maybe Trump is an egomaniac Svengali who finally ran out of magic dust. In any case, I won’t be biting my nails over the elections results.


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