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I’d Say DEFCON 2 | August 12, 2016

The Free Market has decided. While Donald Trump is sort of keeping up with Hillary Clinton in individual donations, big money donors are starving PACs that would normally be telling everyone about Clinton’s failures. Trump giving a speech about Obama and Clinton being the co-founders of ISIS isn’t going to cut it.

Most GOP insiders have given up on the Trump campaign. The true believers (literally the only people Trump is even trying to appeal to) are giving the same excuses about lousy polls that I did in 2012 about Romney. Except in the case of Mitt Romney, he had an outside chance until about the third debate.

My guess is that the party is at DEFCON 2. They’re going to take another run at cleaning up Donald Trump. That’s not a good bet, given that even Trump is now looking low energy. He’s talking about what he does if he loses and begging people in a gravelly voice to not let Hillary choose the Supreme Court.

DEFCON 1 should be fun. I suspect it will be after the first debate and the GOP will literally pay Trump with whatever’s left in their bank to drop out so they can lose with a different candidate.

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