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Worser Case Scenario | August 10, 2016

This election stinks on ice.

A number of people (especially Trump supporters) are enjoying the freak show aspect of this election. I assume that will change with a Hillary Clinton victory. While she could have been beaten by a Republican ham sandwich, the GOP couldn’t even manage to get a candidate of that caliber nominated.

When I write about Indifference 2016, it’s not as a fan of chaos, but as someone who truly can’t pick between two evils from the major parties. Trump supporters seem to think we are enacting Atlas Shrugged, where a Ayn Rand superman is going to trigger the collapse of a failed society to force a better economic and social system in its place. That is simply the right-wing version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

All the polls show Trump doing worse than Romney did in 2012 at this point and possibly as badly as John McCain in 2008. I jumped on the fake poll bandwagon in 2012 (and to some extent in 2008) where “the media” was rigging the polls to over-sample Democratic Party sympathizers. Both times, the outcome matched the polls. In the general election, there won’t be 4-6 candidates to split the vote. There might not even be 3 right now. Trump’s name recognition won’t get him over 47%.

When Barack Obama won the White House and the Democrats held Congress, the Republicans fought the administration like never before (or since). They filibustered almost everything. That fighting spirit drew what became the Tea Party to the GOP. Unfortunately, the Tea Party became obsessed with people’s purity and witch hunts over RINOs. Now we have Trump, who only fights and has no Republican credentials to turn RINO over.

As bad as Obama is, we never got the FEMA camps or the martial law his opponents promised in 2008. There are only 4 Bush or Reagan appointees left on the Supreme Court. None of them are going anywhere for the next 4 years. In the Republican obsession for the Big Enchilada, we now have a Senate dangerously close to a 50-50 deadlock. Those are the guys who ultimately decide who sits on the Court.

The worst part of this presidential election is that the President is the all powerful Oz. The president should have power limited in scope, but that has grown over the years with the consent of the parties. The president I want at this point is one who is willing to limit his own power. That’s Gary Johnson.


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