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The Trumpers Are Revolting | August 9, 2016

I think for many Republicans, opposing Trump is a two-for-one deal. Trump personifies every stereotype of the combative, ill-informed, racist-adjacent caricature the media has created for the conservative movement. Aside from that, Trump’s campaign is a dog, missing the vital characteristics of a real campaign where each party has to basically fight like junkyard dogs for the 3-4% of American voters who might change their minds between the conventions and Election Day. Donald Trump both deserves to lose and has an excellent chance of losing.

The newest flash point for the AlwaysTrump crowd is Evan McMullin, a generic hairless figure who can only legally get on half the ballots at this point and never ran as a Republican for anything. William F. Buckley essentially created the Conservative Party and the National Review wants to create one, too.

For me, I have to throw my support to a candidate who has some chance and who is not repulsive to me. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party fills that role. NeverTrump has unfortunately decided that the perfect is better than the good and plans to go down with a ship lacking any passengers.

What’s fun to watch is the meltdown of Trump supporters who thought that a hostile takeover of the GOP would spark a revolutionary landslide for Cheeto Jesus. That has not happened. In fact, Hillary is regularly getting 10 point leads in polls. The conclusion is clear.

Trump needs the entire Republican Party to vote for him to even have a chance of winning.

Ace at Ace of Spades has written a piece of Trump-sized delusion about Trump opponents being emotional, angry and acting dumb. For Ace, the “smart” move would be to issue “no comment” about voting for Trump while waiting for Trump to lose so they can leave their hands clean. In other words, they want Never Trump to be the kind of backstabbing assholes they think those people are already.

Here’s what it sounds like to me. Like Trump himself, AlwaysTrump is trying to bully their opposition. Trump is trailing consistently and they hope that shutting up the Republican opposition for Trump will raise his polls high enough to drag him over the line. In reality, they are probably trying to fatten up a sacrificial goat to excuse nominating a guy whose money essentially comes from branding his name to shoddy merchandise.

I would possibly be willing to hold my nose and vote for Trump, but he would have to apologize to his primary opponents for eschewing ideas for personal attacks and consider resigning in January so that he can keep his name in the presidential history books as a lesson. I can understand those who feel like they have to vote for him against Hillary Clinton. I just can’t stand the ones who are gleefully walking into the suicide voting booth for Trump.

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