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1864 | August 4, 2016

An independent saved the Republican Party before.

This week’s story is that Donald Trump is really starting to show America why he got 44% of the Republican vote when he ran unopposed in the last 9 primaries. The unforced errors are rampant. He opposed Paul Ryan and John McCain, making the chances of Democrats winning the general elections even greater. He apparently also asked an adviser (who did not join the campaign) why we can’t just use nukes… three times. And now, he’s 10 points behind Clinton in a Fox News poll.

Leaving aside the fact that Fox News is a bunch of RINOs, Donald Trump is the greatest man in the world and there’s a cabal of globalists who want to rig the election, let’s admit that none of those are facts. The GOP who shut down the conscience clause plan during the convention and got Trump nominated now want to find a way for him to quit so they can nominate a more electable candidate. The longer this goes on, the more ridiculous the alternate reality without Trump becomes. At least the DNC knew they couldn’t let Bernie win.

I knew the Republicans were as impotent as Bob Dole without a Viagra when Ted Cruz was forced to suspend his campaign. Besides the potential three-way fight all the way to the convention, any support left was going to Kasich and he had no chance. My plan was to vote for Gary Johnson, who is not Hillary Clinton, no matter what crazy Trump math makes a vote for Johnson a vote for Clinton. The new and old opponents of Trump in the Republican Party need to do the same.

The Republican Party was brand new in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln won the party’s nomination and became president. By 1864, the Republicans thought that Lincoln was too divisive a figure and ran a different candidate, John C. Frémont, as a member of the Radical Democracy party. Lincoln ran as a member of the National Unity Party.

Despise the split, the Republicans soon saw the error of their ways, Frémont withdrew and endorsed Lincoln. Lincoln went down in history as a Republican. Ironically, he might have lived longer had he lost the election. The situation isn’t exactly the same, but if the members of the Republican Party realize that Trump is unacceptable to their values, the only option left is to endorse a candidate who is closer to those values.


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