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Terrorism for Profit | August 3, 2016

It is United States policy not to negotiate with terrorists. Now, the US usually has some level of negotiation, even if it is through a third party. Sometimes the government goes around their own rules, allowing other countries who receive foreign aid from us to be the ransom payers. It’s a fine line.

In Obama’s America, however, there is no fine line. Obama’s answer to the difficult question of long-term prisoners in Gitmo was to let them go. The completely expected consequence was realized when they re-entered the battle and killed Americans as terrorists. Of course, Obama takes no prisoners, bombing indiscriminately.

As penance for killing Muslims, he often makes concessions to Muslim countries that publicly play ball. He also makes them great deals, like trading 5 terrorists loyal to the destruction of the West for Bowe Bergdahl, a guy with no particular loyalty to the US.

So now we have a release of hostages by Iran in the front of the metaphorical plane, while the back was being loaded with Swiss Francs and other currency totaling $400 million. The administration insist this was not a ransom payment, but their logic falls apart.

  • They claim this is a repayment for money Iran paid for jets they never received from the US back in 1979. The problem is that Iran’s money has been forfeit for years. We’ve been freezing assets and bank accounts whenever possible. They’ve often gone outside Western banks just to avoid this. The excuse that we owe them the money is weak at best. I guess we should be lucky Obama didn’t give them weapons.
  • The money was paid in foreign currency. It is illegal for anyone (including the White House) to transfer funds in US currency to Iran. Instead, they transferred US funds to Switzerland, then converted it to hard currency (to avoid a paper trail) and stacked it on pallets. This makes the money virtually untraceable. If there is a more terrorist-friendly way to make a payment, I don’t know what it is.
  • The timing was ridiculous to buy as anything but a quid pro quo. Iran once released hostages as a “screw you” to Jimmy Carter the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. They know how to send a message to the rest of the world. Whether they were owed the money or the international courts would demand the US pay, the timing made clear that they got money and the US got people back they couldn’t get otherwise.

In short, I won’t be voting for Hillary.


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