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Unfit for Office | August 2, 2016

Obviously, Barack Obama has no class, much like Donald Trump. He shot down questions about Obamacare from John McCain with the answer “I won.” That also reminds me of the level of discourse I get from Trump supporters when I call attention to the foibles of their pretty pony. So my model for the modern president is George W. bush. He continues to be more popular outside of the media machine. Bush chose to be presidential even out of office by not second-guessing Barack Obama. Dick Cheney more than took up the slack in that regard.

So, when Obama says that Donald Trump is unacceptable as a Republican candidate, Obama is clearly an asstroll. Of course, so is Trump. He decided to second guess Bush on the War on Terror because he can do anything better, unless he doesn’t, and in that case the fix was in anyway. Trump and Obama are both unfit to be president. While we’re at it, so is Hillary Clinton.

Those jerks all deserve each other. The question is do we deserve one of them for president?


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