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He’s Not Hillary | August 1, 2016

At this point, I can understand the person who votes for Donald Trump because, even though he’s a bad person, has little impulse control, and is ignorant of most issues, he is still not Hillary. The person who pulls the lever for Trump while holding his nose is the true hero in this scenario. I feel bad for him as well, because the electoral math is not on the reluctant Trump voter’s side.

I’ve served my time as a Republican, already voting against a Clinton for president. I voted as Newt Gingrich’s Congressional majority was dismantled by the GOP itself. I voted for Bush, with some reservations, but saw how he did what he could in a world gone mad. I voted with the Tea Party when Obama drove them mad. I won’t vote for a madman, however, just because the GOP let an idiot win a primary race.

Something like 25% of  voters are so devoted to Trump, he probably could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and it wouldn’t phase them, especially if they didn’t know the person. Some would figure out why the person deserved it. Others would claim the media suppressed video of him defending himself. Still others would claim it never happened because the reasoning part of their brain is missing. Many of them are writing for

That’s why “he’s not Hillary” won’t work for me. The devotion is too much like the zombies who supported Obama with no resume, emotional issues and the ability to talk. Whatever happened to cynicism? We need to trust the Constitution, not the people who either ignore it or don’t understand it.

Guess what? Gary Johnson is also not Hillary.

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