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Declare Bankruptcy and Go Home | July 31, 2016

So, let’s get something straight. The Democrats brought on Khizr Khan because he is Muslim, his son was Muslim and died as a soldier. Plus, Khan was willing to call out Donald Trump. I can only assume he was willing to deal with the backlash of calling out Donald Trump.

Of course, Trump goes on the offensive over this, although most of what he says is offensive. Aside from the boilerplate thanks to the son for his service, (which Trumpers seem to think exonerates everything) he said that “maybe” Khan’s wife just stood by without speaking because she was told to. It’s more likely that besides being heartbroken over her son’;s death, she doesn’t have the best grasp of English. But that would be a sticking point as well.

The last 3 days of this crap have fallen into the Trump vortex. First, Trump tweets out some trolling tweet because his rabid fans will drop him if he even shows signs of being comparatively flaccid. Next, 60-80% of what he says is proven to be plain wrong. Then, the Trumpers substitute character assassination for moral superiority. Then Trump gives another interview, press conference or rally packed with weasel words, modifiers (like maybe) and straight up gibberish that his minions use as proof that Trump planned controversy all along.

It’s not ignoring things to let something pass by once in a while. All the reasons Trumpers have that Donald will win, like rigged polls and people afraid to say they’re voting for him, are all the same things I said when I was sure Romney was going to win. But Trump is super fantastic because he “beat” all the Republicans when the GOP kept Kasich in the race because they wanted Trump to win over Ted Cruz. At some point, Trump will see that he has no chance and will declare bankruptcy from the campaign. Then, what’s left of the Republicans will have an empty chair and will need to scramble to find Gary Johnson on the ballot.

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