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Bush was Right and Obama and Trump are Morons | July 30, 2016

Obama supporters were falling over themselves to minimize Romney’s remarks about the threat Russia posed. Of course, he was right about Russia and Benghazi. For that matter, so was Bush. Now Russia is trying to take down the Bushes and the Democrats, using a rapist in hiding who carried their water to anoint a fool who owes them money.

I actually believe that Hillary Clinton understands the threat of Russia and that’s one reason DNC e-mails are being released piecemeal, in a style Andrew Breitbart once orchestrated for ACORN videos. Obama, in contrast, was the guy who promised he could work with Russia once he won the 2012 election.

Trump, of course, trashed George Bush over a decade ago, during that (life)span when he was a Democrat. It’s reminiscent of former right-wing pundit Arianna Huffington, who trashed the Clintons in the 90’s and then trashed the Bushes in the 2000’s when she became whatever the hell she is today. In Trump’s case, however, he didn’t trash the Clintons during Bill’s presidency.

After Trump’s bankruptcies, none of which were his fault of course, banks were unwilling to loan him so much and he turned to Russian oligarchs. There’s the trade magazine quote from Trump’s son about how invested they are in Russia. On a personal note, Trump also seems to appreciate the panache in which Vladimir Putin horribly murders people who won’t play ball.


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