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What She Said | July 28, 2016

16 years ago, Hillary Clinton was essentially handed a Senate seat in New York, her home after leaving the White House. Eight years ago, Clinton was on the way to becoming the Democratic Party nominee, but David Axelrod had other ideas and his meat puppet Barack Obama rounded up all the people who were sick of the Clintons.

Even though Donald Trump is an interloper who has never been a Republican for four consecutive years, that’s not why he sucks. Trump sucks because he doesn’t believe in anything but himself. Hillary Clinton has been a Democrat for decades and has served in 2 White House positions (as much as First Lady is a political job) and one elected office. Still, she has no particular affinity for anything but the redirection of money to herself and the manipulation of power. They’re two sides of the same coin.

I’m watching the Clinton speech because I’m curious how she’s going to sell herself. Unlike Trump, who spouts gibberish and conspiracy theories, Clinton tries to take two or three minor things she’s done and weave them into a biography. Oh, wait, Trump does that, too.

Okay. Clinton is giving a coronation speech. She assumes she’s going to win.


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