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Coalition of the Damned | July 27, 2016

In 2008, Democratic super delegates were instrumental in putting support behind Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton. This year, even though Hillary won the majority of super delegates, she also won the majority of pledged delegates as well as the popular vote. I’m not even sure Trump got more than one out of those 3 groups.

Compared to Democrats and even past nomination contests, Republicans have a large percentage of bound delegates. If a candidate wins a state with 35% of the vote (Trump did this… a lot) 100% of the delegates have to vote for him. This system was designed as a fail safe against a Ron Paul candidacy. Instead the robber baron figures out how to do a hostile takeover of a party.

For the last quarter century, the loser in a two-person race (no Perot, essentially) has gotten at least 46% of the popular vote. That means there are maybe 4-6% of the voters who are indecisive enough to swing an election. Even though there are complains about the Electoral College, its outcome has only failed to match the popular vote once in the last century.

So now we are in a strange situation where two candidates with amazingly high negatives (approaching 65% for both) are campaigning for your vote. Donald Trump is running a national campaign since he has no ad money and no state organization. The Democrats are running by targeting votes. They want to bring out the majority Democrat neighborhoods in urban areas in swing states by busing them to early voting over and over until they’re ahead.

Although polls have shown that Bernie Sanders supporters are voting for Hillary Clinton at about 85%, the big news is about the few hundred die-hards who were so obsessed with Bernie that they walked out this week. Cruz supporters did not because many of them are loyal to the party. The Trump opponents in the rest of the country are going for Gary Johnson in significant numbers.

From last week’s RNC, it would seem that Hillary Clinton was in charge for the last 8 years and needs to be stopped. In the DNC, Black people are apparently gunned down for sport by White police officers. At this point, they both look like idiots. At least the Libertarians just had that fat guy almost getting naked.


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