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The DNC Blows its Wad | July 26, 2016

Unlike the trope Chris Matthews pulls out every year, the Republicans fell in love (with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz) while the Democrats fell in line. Bernie Sanders got the Monday prime time slot, then handed over his delegates to Hillary Clinton. At 73, Sanders is in from the cold and can look forward to the money that comes from crony capitalism. I think his supporters realize that because they are pissed this week.

Night 2 at the DNC marks the end of the Bill Clinton era. Bill relived the past, didn’t kill like he used to in a speech and going forward, the name Clinton will be associated with Hillary instead of him. Night 3 belongs to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In fact, Tim Kaine doesn’t even have a speaking slot. If you think Bill’s speech wasn’t very much about Hillary, wait until Obama starts talking about himself.

Night 2 of the RNC marked the end of the primary season. Ted Cruz made his speech and got his boos before Mike Pence was nominated as Trump’s running mate. Then the Republicans had two more nights to create their Midnight in America version of a world where only Trump can destroy foes like he did with people who worked for him.

The DNC blew its wad tonight with Bill. Next up is a night of Obama firmly attaching himself to Hillary’s future. That was her Faustian bargain. Bide her time until Obama says she can run. That’s her real story these days.

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