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Weeknight at Bernie’s | July 25, 2016

Unlike Ted Cruz, the DNC gave Bernie Sanders the closing slot on a convention night. They did, however, push it to start at almost 11pm. The Democrats built a system that gives the party the option to stop old cranks whose “I don’t give a shit” campaign style might be exciting, but ultimately a big loser in the general election. Bernie fought that challenge, but he also faced the reality that Hillary Clinton had been preparing for this since 1999.

Whatever Bernie may have done to bring in young people who only had $27 to spare, he is getting the best he could get out of this. He’s been accepted as a useful tool by the Democrats. He gets a prime-time (sort of) speaking slot at the convention. Most importantly, he got a book deal, likely through a Clinton contact in the publishing industry, that will deliver a nice fat paycheck to the committed socialist.

Bernie Sanders has been an “independent” for decades. He never wanted to go full Democrat for various reasons. If he is getting scraps, it’s because he’s on the outside. The Republicans, however, stand by as Donald Trump exists outside reality and pledges to destroy Ted Cruz and John Kasich, justifying their reasons for not endorsing him. Donald Trump is the real Bernie, the animated corpse of the Republican Party stinking up the joint.


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  1. Ha! “Weeknight at Bernies,” well done.

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — July 26, 2016 @ 12:44 am

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