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You Are Released | July 21, 2016

The first rule of dumpster fires is that there’s nothing you need to save that’s worth hurting yourself. Trump’s brain vomit of the day (it changes frequently) is that Ted Cruz has violated some sacred pledge about supporting the nominee. What the non-Republicans (the most virulent Trumpsters) don’t understand is that the “support the nominee” pledge is a corollary of The Eleventh Commandment. Trump broke the hell out of that when he called Cruz a liar, re-tweeted insults about his wife and claimed his father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Plus, Trump waited until he had momentum to even sign on to the non-binding pledge.

Much like taking advantage of winner take all states while whining about small caucuses, the pledge is based on Trump’s situational logic. Everything for Trump is good, everything bad for Trump is evil. Obama is a light worker and Big Brother is the epitome of good. I would break my pledge of keeping the Republican Party safe if it was thrown in a dumpster and set on fire. Especially, if what went in the dumpster was garbage.

Trumpster logic is twisted here as well. In their minds, Ted Cruz was permanently damaged by the campaign and will never be president. So why would he eat shit and endorse Trump? Ted Cruz was essentially told by the Republican Party elite that they would rather have an inexperienced and unqualified ass as their candidate rather than a conservative fighter who might threaten their capitulation agenda. Cruz is betting on Trump’s influence, whether he wins or loses, forcing the party to return to its values of liberty.

It’s also intentionally obtuse to say a vote for X is a vote for Hillary. There’s a ballot, it has names on it. Almost all of them are not Hillary. Now, if voting for candidate X coupled with the fact that Trump’s surrogates and supporters alienated enough people for Hillary to win, maybe the Trump campaign isn’t as good at strategy as they thought.

Ted Cruz ultimately told people to vote their conscience as a way to force Trump to be the kind of candidate lifelong Republicans could vote for. The real problem is that Trump does not want to be held to the standards of liberty and freedom that Republicans have cherished since Ronald Reagan or even Barry Goldwater. Trump wants to run on the principles of winning is everything. I can picture him as president giving the Barack Obama “I won” rebuke to John McCain. Remember, Obama used that to help pass Obamacare.

Cruz offered Trump a challenge; to be worthy of our votes. Tonight, he will likely decline that challenge, offering a lot of angry laid off guy at the bar proposals to bringing back an America where his son isn’t a professional student and his wife didn’t ditch him. Instead of Ronald Reagan, it’s going to be Jimmy Carter.

Ted’s conscience is clear. So is mine.


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