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The Republican Party is Not Dead | July 20, 2016

However, the party is extremely sleepy. Yesterday, there was a procession of delegates who rubber stamped the Trump nomination. However, the delegate count for Not Trump was higher than any non-nominee in my voting history. Some delegations, like DC, had their votes converted to Trump because candidates who suspend their campaign are apparently not allowed in that district.

Much like Hillary Clinton and her lies that become non-binding reality, Melania Trump did not plagiarize her speech. Somehow, a speech that was written by her (according to her Matt Lauer interview) was written by a woman who has now offered an apology and a resignation (which in Lewendowski fashion, Trump hasn’t accepted, yet). So, Melania is either a liar and not a plagiarist, or a plagiarist with a ghostwriter. Mind you, this is a 15 minute speech she spent weeks on.  Also, her non-speechwriter speechwriter is a Democrat.

One actual Republican tonight is Ted Cruz. Actually, Scott Walker is as well, but he laid down his arms strategically. It’s why I think Walker is the best choice for president. Cruz, however, is the fighter. His is the speech I will watch on C-Span to avoid the idiotic commentary. I’ll save that for after. I can accept he may have to endorse Trump, or “the Republican nominees.” But I want it to sting a little for the Dullard.

The smell of fear is getting stronger among the Trump humpers. Ted Cruz’s power as the defiant one is reminding them that a fairly small number of holdouts could lose the election for Trump. I don’t have to be Never Trump, though. Trump doesn’t need me and I don’t need Donald Trump.

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