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Domestic Terrorism | July 17, 2016

Barack Obama just loves to talk about not “giving them what they want” when it comes to terrorism. For some reason, Obama thinks they want to be hunted down and killed. I suppose it would cause some international unrest to fight terror. The corrupt politicians of the UN certainly didn’t like Bush’s War on Terror. However, I have an idea of what the terrorists might want that makes sense.

It’s kind of amazing how evil Islam is. Muslims picked fights with Christians (and lost) a millennium ago. They tried to extort the United States in its infancy (and lost). The Nazis took the concept of the Aryan from the Iranians (and lost). Then again, most of the world’s industry is powered by the oil under the sands of Islamic countries. I guess they win that one. Black supremacists started the Nation of Islam almost a century ago. They would recruit from anywhere, especially prisons. That’s how Malcolm X found his way there.

I can’t say I’m surprised that after years of Obama denigrating police officers for being racist, crazy Black people are now essentially commingling suicide to kill law enforcement. I also have a good idea of what this accomplishes.

The Orlando shooting was muddled by typical leftist ideology. The shooter was secretly gay. He had a scary AR-15. He didn’t know any ISIS. Of course, a terrorist drove a truck through that idea last week. The public has little tolerance for gun control talk because those who have guns know that the politicians are speaking gibberish.

What happens when it becomes open season on cops? Now, there is a new look at what it means to have guns in the hands of civilians when the country has gone to hell and there’s no respect anymore. Rather than teaching morals or increasing punishment, the mere tool shoulders the blame. The police have good reason to stop being neutral on guns, even if many are gun owners in their civilian life. The stakes are just too high.

Certainly, the government could get shit done if they could pacify a weaponless population. However, the first thing that would happen is the national expansion of terrorists who wouldn’t have to fear being stopped before they could get their job done.


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