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You Might Be a Terrorist If… | July 16, 2016

The pedestrian attack in France this week killed more than 80 people and was committed by one man with a gun and a box truck. The September 11th attack in the US killed nearly 3,000 people and involved 19 terrorists. Regardless of the financial damage, one bad person can kill a comparable number of people to each member of a group planning for years.

ISIS has brought back what might be considered “old school” terrorism. This is when an enemy in the midst commits a globally small but locally horrifying act. It costs little and only requires the kind of insanity that makes someone want to end their life for some vaguely defined goal. Since one of these bastards could kill dozens of people, it only takes about 1 in maybe 10,000 to keep a population in fear.

The logical way to solve this is to go colonial on their asses. For example, a lot of crap happens because of people encroaching on the Palestinian regions. How about some fuel air bombs (after an appropriate warning notice) to eradicate human life, but make the area inhabitable in a short time?

In World War II, the awesome power of the atomic bomb was so unimaginable, the Japanese weren’t sure what it meant. They learned we could do it twice. Most likely, the US or Western Civilization (basically, the same thing) would have to do this a few times. I suggest target #2 be the people who complain or retaliate first. #3 can be ISIS, every ISIS location.

Terrorism is the tool of the tool-less. It’s for people who have no real power or influence that just want to strike out blindly at their sad existence. War is the tool of the advanced civilization. For us, compliance is an achievable goal.


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