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Pence-sive | July 15, 2016

Usually, when a campaign doesn’t vet a Vice Presidential Candidate fully, the VP embarrasses them. In the case of Mike Pence, it seems to be the opposite.

The Trump campaign looked at many people for the VP slot, including people in office, out of office and some with no political experience. Many experienced Republicans wanted nothing to do with the Trump branded dumpster fire, so most of the short list were either outsiders or people out of office entirely. Best estimates are that Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Pence were the top 3. Christie was probably not conservative enough. Newt mostly amplified the brashness of Trump himself.

Mike Pence seemed to be a good combination. He was a CongressmanĀ and current governor. He’s compared himself to Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. He’s a strong conservative. He’s the pro-life governor who prompted the left to make “transvaginal” a buzzword. Plus, he’s in a tough reelection fight and may go back to doing talk radio. Getting media exposure is more of a positive for him at this point.

The issue with Pence is that today was the last day he could pull his name off the ballot for Indiana governor. Under that state’s version of a sore loser law, a person cannot run for two offices (governor and Vice President) at the same time. At that point, it becomes a public record.

According to official releases from the Trump campaign, no decision was made until last night. When Pence looked like the pick, (he flew to New Jersey) some of his less Trump-friendly comments came out. Then Trump postponed his announcement. The problem was that the news would be out as soon as Pence withdrew. It seems a good bet something was going on in the Trump campaign.

Paul Manafort (Trump’s new professional campaign guy) liked Pence. His family liked either Newt or Christie. It would not be a surprise that Trump wavered at the last minute, seeing the negative reaction on social media. Unfortunately, the die was cast and the one normal decision of the campaign was going down the tubes. So, a tweet just before Pence’s filing was the official announcement after everyone knew the result.

I’m waiting for the convention with morbid curiosity.


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