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Donald, Tell Me What to Think! | July 14, 2016

The speculation about the Friday announcement of the Donald Trump VP pick is that Mike Pence has to decide tomorrow if he’s going to run for governor again. Otherwise, it might be harder for a Republican to get on the ballot. At least one member of the Trump team would be thinking of the Republican Party as a collection of individuals. In short, he’s what Trump devotees consider establishment.

I’ve been reading comments starting with Pence rhyming with “fence” and descending into disappointment that Trump would pick such a safe choice as Pence and that he’s too amnesty minded for the average Trumpette’s liking. Adding fuel to the fire is the praise of Pence by the White House. Also, Jeff Flake, the winner in an embarrassing exchange for Trump, praised Pence as one of Trump’s best decisions yet.

Among the people who have fallen under Trump’s spell, when he veers to the nationalist right, he’s standing up for America and keeping us safe. When he careens to the left, he’s not bound by conservative dogma and does not bow down before the Bush dynasty. In other words, whatever Trump does is perfect. I think Trump sucks, but the idea of Hillary winning does not fill me with glee. Both candidates are bad. I am truly indifferent in that respect.

It’s too bad that over the next 18 hours with no formal announcement, supporters will have to waiver between accepting Pence as Trump’s personal savior or knowing in their hearts that Trump had some kind of fake-out planned all along. Whatever the reality, it’s the best idea ever.



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