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Boundless | July 12, 2016

A delegate in Virginia got a court to declare that state law cannot force him to vote as a bound delegate for Donald Trump. However, this would only apply if a conscience clause is passed by the RNC rules committee this week. The party says he has to vote Trump.

The problem here is that many delegates were chosen before Donald Trump got in the race and they either don’t like him, think he will lose, or both. The Trump supporter would consider this unfair, mostly because it puts a Trump nomination in danger. A Trump opponent would point out the weakness of nominating a candidate who got less than 50% of the Republican vote and won large swaths of delegates with a slim plurality.

Given the situation, it is entirely possible that John Kasich will get the exciting convention he suggested when he was still running. Of course, he ran for the sole purpose of dragging Cruz down. I would find it exciting if Cruz were to win the nomination. Then again, the ground game is so bad right now that he should probably turn it down for a better chance at 2020.


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