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Shot to Hell | July 8, 2016

If you wanted to know why the Hillary Clinton get out of jail free card wasn’t dumped on a Friday, it was probably to pave the way for less bad employment numbers for June. Life had other plans, so did death.

One of the reasons why police have more legal protections and their murders have greater penalties, Dallas was a prime example. Law enforcement is frequently known by their uniforms and are often at the edge of a crowd while guiding their movements. What we know about the shooting is that one or possibly more shooters took aim from a building and fired multiple rounds at police who were at the back of a protest march for “Black Lives Matter.” 11 officers were hit along with one civilian. 5 officers died.

I predicted back in 2012 that the election meant that America is basically over. Even though in this new country the guy on the roof would be at home with the sentiments of the protesters on the ground, it is not Obama’s America. It is the America of the 66 million people who chose not to vote for Mitt Romney or the 69 million who voted for Obama in 2008. It’s 100 years of progressivism started by Republicans and quickly taken over by Democrats. It’s not something that will be solved by one person winning and election in 4 months, either.


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