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Surprise! Trump is Lying About Money | July 7, 2016

Less than a week after June ended, the Trump campaign put out some numbers about how fundraising went. The narrative they wanted was that they raised $50 million in June while Hillary Clinton only raised $40 million in May. That’s all bullshit.

  1. Trump is combining party fundraising and campaign fundraising. Under that measure, Clinton beat him $70 million to $51 million.
  2. Clinton raised $40 million by her campaign alone, Trump says he raised $25 million. Given that the DNC and RNC operations are raising similar amounts, the Clinton campaign out-raised Trump by 8:5 on his best month.
  3. None of this has been formalized by an FEC filing yet. Trump’s crowing is decidedly undeserved plus we have no idea how this will all work out, especially since his press release included the last week of May.
  4. Trump “donated” $4 million last month. He still hasn’t filed the paperwork to turn his $50 million loan into a contribution, which is the equivalent of writing a check out to cash and not letting go of it when you’re handing it over.
  5. Trump is supposedly running a cheap campaign and has cash on hand. Romney had cash on hand as well. He lost. In politics, money is there to spend.

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