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Better Than a Pardon | July 6, 2016

President Bush waited until the end of his term to pardon two Border Patrol Agents who were in jail for shooting an illegal Mexican drug dealer in the ass (technically, their sentences were commuted) and Scooter Libby, who supposedly blabbed the worst kept secret in Washington, that Valerie Plame was a spy. Bill Clinton pardoned people (the ones who didn’t die, anyway) who helped his ascent to the White House by clamming up and doing time for him.

Obama has made sure that the new crop of totally amoral progressives forged in the last two decades of George Soros are at the highest levels of government. Possessing no personal morality and only dogmatic adherence to policy goals, they are only limited by their sheer gall. Hillary Clinton never stood a chance against Team Obama.

She chose to join them. So instead of admitting guilt, (certainly not a Bill Clinton trait) Hillary instead remained resolute in his story of absolute denial. Yesterday, we saw James Comey essentially contradict much of Clinton’s statements to the media. She did have a server off the books and she did receive classified material that was classified at the time she got it. He did fall short of recommending she be charged with a crime. That led to another round of speculation that the Obama cartel got to him like John Roberts and so many others.

I personally think the people up against Obama lack gall. While Trump would be a contrast to that, his equal lack of professional morality (remember, thousands of lawsuits) is not the cure. The GOP lacked gall, so they fought the guy they could, Ted Cruz, instead of fighting the guy who didn’t give a damn about the Republican Party.

I can’t wait to see how many cronies Trump pardons.


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