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I Don’t See This Getting Better | June 30, 2016

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen clips of someone named Steve Malzberg from Newsmax. Apparently, he is freebasing Donald Trump’s gastric emissions and sees his role to beat down conservatives on his “show” until they conform to the pro-Trump version of reality. In this clip, he questions Sen. Mike Lee about why he won’t endorse Trump and got more of an answer than he bargained for. Malzberg then resorts to the tired media trope about how he was just asking questions.

I don’t like Trump, but there are some heavy hitters in the GOP who also don’t like Trump. He has about 74% of the Republicans. Hillary Clinton has about 85% of Democrats and they’re about even on Independents with 31% for Clinton and 35% for Trump. Since there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, this means Trump’s candidacy is dead unless he gives a speech at the convention admitting that he broke the 11th Commandment, that he was out of line and that he needs and welcomes the input of loyal Republicans to beat Hillary.

Or, he can run the Lewandowski campaign model of being an asshole and lose. Frankly, I don’t care what he decides at this point.


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