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Why Libertarians Are Religious Salvation | June 29, 2016

So, obviously the Supreme Court is already running wild without the ideological balance of Antonin Scalia. They are making decisions about Texas abortion laws and the inventory of pharmacists. So, how does Donald Trump’s list of Justices save the world?

It doesn’t.

For all the work to end abortion-on-whim in the United States, the most effective method was to make the business not worth entering. At one point, most counties in the United States had no clinics. Clinton and Obama worked hard to fund Planned Parenthood, the McDonalds of murder. Obamacare virtually institutionalizes abortion.

It is obvious to me now that taking the subsidies out of abortions will make them less common. Planned Parenthood doesn’t abort for no charge, even though they make money off the grim remains. Under a libertarian vision, no one would get money from the government to do something that isn’t directly related to the function of the government. With no money, the Supreme Court will be powerless to control what private businesses do or how people treat them for doing abortions. The Republicans certainly haven’t been doing anything like this.


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