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The Perception of Intelligence | June 26, 2016

The movie Idiocracy has come up a lot lately because it provides the narrative for calling Donald Trump an idiot. The movie’s President Camacho is loud, dumb, famous and angry. He has little use for an intelligent person, but will use one to get ahead. The premise of Idiocracy is that people are getting dumber because the kind of intelligence gained from nature and nurturing is being lost when smart, financially stable couples don’t get around to having children and dumb hicks with nothing better to do than have babies are the majority of the next generation.

Just for fun, let’s look at the people demanding a new Brexit vote and assume they are smart. About 27% of the UK did not vote either way and some people claimed to vote Leave to “send a message,” I assume to the EU. They chose to not take the vote seriously enough to show up, or to screw around and vote for something other than what they wanted as a sort of protest. That alone tends to invalidate the request.

On a larger scale, 25 years ago, Pat Buchanan was telling Americans of European decent than if they didn’t have more than 2 kids, the population would shift to groups that have less stake in the history and culture of Western civilization. Those young yuppie couples instead voted for Bill Clinton and had one or maybe 2 kids. Now, they have no grandchildren and they’re ardent Trump supporters. Somehow, Mexican criminals and shady Muslims started shifting the population. I wonder how that happened.

I remember when Oprah Winfrey, even as a confirmed bachelor, wanted to tell women that having it all required having the kids before they turned 40 as a matter of biology. While artificial insemination was all the rage, certain things are impossible after a while. Unfortunately, biology is self-correcting. If some people wait too long, nature finds the one who won’t wait. Sometimes there are no do-overs, no matter how smart you think you are. Survival is the ultimate victory.


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