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No One Wants to Be Here | June 23, 2016

In the past couple of decades, national borders have been stressed with demands of one group to separate from another. 20 years ago, Canada held a referendum to decide if Quebec could leave and become a separate country. The referendum lost by a slim majority. Recently, Texas has made noise about seceding from the United States. Upstate New York has discussed separating from downstate. Now, we have Brexit.

Brexit is the proposal that Britain leave the EU and operate as a fully independent government. The Maastricht Treaty about 20 years ago started the inclusion of European nations into an economic and political union. The problem in recent years is that certain countries maintain economic dominance (Germany) and tend to dictate terms to the rest of the union, especially when it comes to economic aid. The biggest hot button issue is the desire of the German government to bring in a nearly unlimited number of so-called refugees and migrants from Islamic countries without regard to their ability to be assimilated.

If you believe Trump about how bad the Muslim presence in America is, it’s nothing compared to much of Europe. Proximity and a globalist mindset has truly reached invasion levels. Massive cultural differences are more stark as fewer first generation immigrants care to assimilate and second generation immigrants are starting to find ISIS and other terror groups on the internet.

It’s quite possible that Brits are sick of it. Of course, many are not and others have such close associations with Muslims that they don’t even consider that this new, even less skilled and useful crop of immigrants might not be a good group to bring in. Unlike the sheer boredom of last night’s Democrat Party media stunt, the Brexit vote is a real nail biter. It’s 51% for withdrawal with 25% of the vote in and there’s no clear indication where the rest of the ballots are headed.

These days, the world is getting smaller and smaller and some people just want to be left alone.

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