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Is There a Chance? | June 21, 2016

Most people look at the government and think we know the answers. But most of us have been beaten down by life and come to the conclusion that no one wants to hear from us. Billionaires have a different background and think everyone wants to listen to their pedestrian plans. Ross Perot essentially ran for president because Larry King suggested it. How else could he get Bill Clinton elected… twice?

When billionaires like Perot and Trump come up against reality they can reach a point where instead of fighting to maintain their delusions, they decide everyone else is wrong and they disengage. This is essentially what Trump did when dropped out of the Reform Party nomination contest in early 2000. It may be happening again. Trump’s kids had to step in to remove Corey Lewandowski because Trump couldn’t see how lousy he was. Trump’s been dropping in the polls so he cites one poll where he’s losing within the margin of error.

More importantly, Donald Trump is trying to spend as little money as possible. The money he has spent was to pay his own hospitality business for services rendered. When Mitt Romney had the needed delegates in 2012, he chose not to borrow from his own pile of money until the convention released GOP funds. That lack of media may have cost him the election, and Trump is doing the same thing, except there is no money in the bank, either.

Ross Perot was not afraid to take donations, but he also never met a conspiracy that wasn’t out to get him. He fired much of his team and essentially quit during the general election season before coming back in just long enough to spoil the race in Bill Clinton’s favor. Unfortunately, he ran again in 1996 to much less fanfare but just as much of a distraction to win Clinton a second term with less than 50% of the popular vote.

If we are very lucky, Donald Trump will get tired of being called a loser this early, decide to blame the GOP elite, the media, Mexicans, Muslims or soem other group and drop out. It’s the best scenario left. A quitter will leave many fewer defiant former Trump supporters. Unfortunately, that outcome relies on an unstable tycoon.


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