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I am a Man of Constant Sorrow | June 20, 2016

During the 1992 presidential campaign, H. Ross Perot hired veteran campaign manager Ed Rollins. Rollins resigned two months later on July 15 as Perot started to dip in the polls. Later, Rollins wrote about how the campaign was in disarray and filled with paranoia from the original Perot supporters who feared a real campaign team. He was accused of being a Bush plant from the CIA.

It’s still unknown whether Trump’s firing of loutish incompetent Corey Lewandowski for more competent Paul Manfort is a sign of a campaign superior to Perot’s or simply just a longer waiting period for the team to explode. What really disturbs me is the level of cognitive dissonance necessary for Trump supporters to claim that keeping Lewandowski on after the Michelle Fields fiasco was the right move and that leaving him around for 3 months until Trump’s poll numbers sank was also a great decision.

Donald Trump hasn’t cast his spell on me like he has so many other Republicans. This election, more than others, seems to rely on that kind of cult of personality. I see this election as a wasted opportunity for Republicans to elect someone who understands how government works, not another Obama whose ego dwarfs his abilities. Even if Trump wins, the same people who liked him will turn on him when he fails to meet their expectations. George W. Bush was almost entirely defined by the media and he was fully qualified for the job.

This is what my indifference is all about. I’m not going to be happy if Trump loses. It will only confirm my suspicions. If he wins, it will be four years of Democrats winning the narrative because Trump will negotiate everything away or be blamed for blocking everything. That’s what happens when the No-nothing party wins. I’m just sad for the future.


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