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Assault on Semi Automatic Weapons | June 19, 2016

In a way, I think I have a unique perspective as someone who favors gun owners’ rights while knowing very little about guns themselves. From what I understand, most gun control advocates don’t know much, either.

Liberals have painted a picture of the NRA as an organization that used to be more reasonable about gun control but was overtaken by crazy gun nuts who want every child to have a rocket launcher. What the NRA figured out long ago was that the left does not want responsible gun ownership. They want government to be the owner of all guns as the only responsible party. That’s when the NRA understood that weapons bans and “gun control” were only means to an end of making guns practically nonexistent.

The plan for getting rid of guns is similar to the plan for eliminating smoking, only with a pesky Constitution in the way. We’re in the second hand bullet phase. Responsible gun ownership isn’t enough. The left is trying to prove that it is too easy to get a gun and the guns people get are far too deadly. The next step, of course, is to use gun ownership as an excuse to look at everyone’s medical and financial records.

The current myth is about the deadliness of so-called assault weapons. Depending on the definition of the day, the term usually refers to weapons that have features that make it easier to operate, but not necessarily any more effective. Some TV comedians have complained about “semi-automatic” weapons, a class that includes both rifles and handguns.

Politically, handguns are a non-starter, but rifles are scary looking and seem like something regular people don’t need. There are two problems, however, with trying to restrict rifles instead of handguns. Most of these killers bring rifles and handguns because of problem two. Semi-automatic weapons shoot at about the same rate and in a mass murder, the slightly increased accuracy of a rifle is not a factor.

That’s why most of the legislative push is for restrictions on licenses. In reality,¬†Chicago has some of the worst gun violence because they have strong restrictions on ownership, but weak punishment for unlicensed gun owners. Then there are all the personal assaults and knife attacks in countries without private gun ownership, not the mention the occasional mass murder by firearm. And that’s why the government does nothing good when they do something for the sake of doing something.


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