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Why Not Trump | June 16, 2016

This week provided a good example of why I don’t identify as a libertarian. Many of them made great pains this week to explain why we can’t monitor and restrict foreign travel for Muslims, like the San Bernardino and Orlando shooters, even when they say the kind of Islamic terrorist talking points that make regular people uncomfortable. One of the Orlando shooters former co-workers complained to his bosses, was ignored and then harassed by the eventual shooter. He quit to keep himself off that hit list.

Of course, the Democrats have been worse by orders of magnitude. At this point, it can be assumed that for the party, the fewer guns there are, the better America is. Any plan they put forward to that effect is part of an overall strategy to remove all guns from all citizens. After every mass shooting (which usually is round 4 people) they try to get another concession which has no effect on the number of people killed by criminals. There are veterans being told they have to agree to a diagnosis of PTSD to get medical treatment. New York has already tried using that diagnosis to take away their rights to gun ownership.

If the Republicans were monolithic, even as a bunch of RINOs, I would accept them as the country’s savior. That is not the case, however. The de facto leader of the party is now Donald Trump. He sort of says the right things, but he mostly talks around what he’s trying to say in a sort of word salad filled with superlatives about himself and denigrating Democrats and Republicans in near equal measure. Words mean things and so do actions. Trump’s words and actions are frequently reminiscent of Barack Obama. Conservatives mocked the Greek columns, but some of them now cheer the giant Trump jet (that was probably not paid for if the lawsuits are accurate).

The cult of personality is disturbing. His supporters worry me even more sometimes. Trump has the potential to destroy the Republican party much like the way Obama has destroyed the regional effectiveness of the Democratic Party. While I may not like the libertarian ethos, I think Gary Johnson is reasonable enough to use existing law enforcement tools to fight terror, plus he won’t blow up the wrong place on a whim. Oh wait, Bill Clinton did that.

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