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The Conventions Haven’t Even Started | June 15, 2016

Islamists have been at war with America before it was even an independent country. Worse than that, the Western world is convinced that their brand of moral relativism is completely superior to the kind of moral absolutism of Islam. Time and time again, this has not been the case. In fact, as countries like the United States have moved to a salad bowl theory of cultural assimilation, what makes us American is becoming less relevant.

This is where Trump’s message has incredible power. He has abandoned the boiler plate Tea Party rhetoric and has moved into European nationalist territory. The Democrats are trying to twist the Orlando massacre into a lesson about how being in the closet makes you a murderer instead of how letting Muslims attend Mosques that are 80% tied to terrorists groups is giving American Muslims access to ISIS.

Trump supporters can quote all the Reagan come from behind polls from 1980 they want, but Reagan headed a cultural shift. Carter ran as a Christian, a core constituency of Democrats in 1976. He turned out to be too liberal for the Moral Majority and in 1980 cultural conservatives became Republicans. This year, Trump has given lip service to Christianity, but being Trump, he’s said he was pro-life in one sentence while praising Planned Parenthood in another.

Hillary Clinton seems to have a lock on at least 47% of the vote. If current polling is to be believed, Clinton is already polling above that and Trump has to make up about 10% to get even. She’s also ahead in Florida. It should be interesting to see how those polls change after the events of the week in Orlando.

Oh, and we’re not even close to the conventions yet. Does Hillary get indicted? Does Trump get ousted? Does Gary Johnson reach 15% and we get a three-way debate for the first time in a quarter century?


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