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Secret Gay is Worse than Gay | June 14, 2016

Unsurprisingly, liberals are not happy with the Pulse massacre in Orlando being identified as the worse lone gunman (or gunman) terrorist attack in US history. They’d rather have the designation of most deadly hate crime in US history. The claims are already starting that the shooter wasn’t an observant Muslim. Of course, the worshiping history of Christians who commit crimes is hardly analyzed.

The most ridiculous claim going around now is that the killer was a closeted, self-hating homosexual who wanted to lash out at the people who gave him strange stirrings by kissing in public. This kind of circular logic is self-defeating, as it paints a lot of gay people as either obnoxiously flamboyant or simmering cauldrons of rage waiting to blow at a moment’s notice.

A major part of gay culture is being out. A parade or venue for gay culture is often extremely gay. The process of “outing” a privately gay person is frowned upon, but acceptable to many gays and liberals, especially if they are conservative. That’s the reaction for a straight society where one can subtly talk about their personal lives without disdain.

This is not the war on gays by uncomfortable closeted squares. It is the war where Muslims commit hate crimes because they hate everyone. Just today, there was a hostage situation in Wal-Mart. Did they just open up a Gay Isle or something?


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