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A Muslim Guy Walks into a Gay Bar | June 13, 2016

The most surprising thing about life is how predictable it is and how surprised people continue to be by it. For at least a decade, conservatives have pointed out that the Muslim world is anything but progressive and what the left falsely accused the right of doing is exactly what Islam preaches. Still, Muslims were protected by liberals like some sort of violent pet who could eat a child if not properly restrained.

Now we’ve entered this weird game of rock-paper-scissors involving radical Islam, gay culture and guns. The Muslim shooter was afraid of gays giving him weird thoughts, but gays weren’t afraid of Muslims. Gays, like many people, are afraid of guns. So the killer used a gun to feel powerful. The guns, however, are morally neutral in all this.

I’m not entirely sure when Islamic terror stopped being a problem for Democrats. I suspect it may have been around the time Jimmy Carter failed to end the hostage crisis and the hostages were only released when Ronald Reagan became president. Bill Clinton downplayed the first World Trade Center bombing, even though a more carefully placed rental truck could have replicated the 2001 attack. He then focused on “domestic terrorism” of people who differed with him politically. The Olympic Park Bombing in 1996 was blamed on a hero during the attack because he was just as good a pasty as the White guy who actually did it.

I think that now, like after September 11, people will have a real sense of the danger we are in. However, that will be short lived as the political team you support will adjust narratives to match their motivations. However, like after September 11, some people won’t be fooled again.



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