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Terrorism by Firearm | June 12, 2016

Consider this. Six months ago, a couple of angry Muslims killed 14 people in San Bernardino. Despite this event, this country was caught completely by surprise when 50 people were killed at an Orlando nightclub. Now, think about the idea that liberals want you to think Bush was responsible for 9/11 because he couldn’t predict that a memo about flying lessons didn’t spur him to action.

Yesterday, I commented about another Florida shooting that has been eclipsed by this massacre. The New York Times had a story about Chicago shootings on Memorial Day weekend. In that city, police have lists of people likely to shoot or be shot. On that weekend, 80% of the people shot were on that list.

The problem is not with the comparatively ancient technology of firearms, but the modern technology that is often not used effectively to keep guns out of the hands of the people who plan to kill. The Orlando shooter was Muslim, talked about committing an act of terror and was actually interviewed twice by law enforcement. Being Muslim and hating America is not enough for this administration. Even hating the sight of two men kissing isn’t even enough for social justice warriors to see past their Islamophilia.

Much like the concept of lawfare, Islamists make use of the flaws in the society they infiltrate. While America has some of the least restrictive gun laws, the abuse has more to do with the willingness of people to accept Muslim terrorism and organizing as the exercise of religion and culture. Look at this dumb tweet that moved me from the Libertarians almost over to the Trump camp.

I support the right of gun ownership for some people. I support the right of someone to be gay, but not to use it as a weapon. I sure as hell don’t defend any Muslim-specific rights. Luckily, Gary Johnson isn’t quite the moron Petersen, the libertarian candidate of the #NeverTrump movement is, but it just goes to show that the concept of liberty has been confused with the permission of anarchy.

I think I am a rare case these days. I’m interested in the authority of government, but not the authoritarianism of a single person. Hillary wants to do everything, Trump wants to do whatever sounds good at the time and Johnson wants to do almost nothing. Maybe someone should try the right thing for once.


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