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Likable Enough | June 10, 2016

Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren waited until it was actually mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to beat Hillary Clinton to give their endorsements. Warren has been critical of Clinton in the past and Obama was harsh in his comments about both the Clintons back in 2008. His best endorsement of her back then was that she’s “likable enough.”

Normally, an “endorsement” by a prominent member of your party when you are the only option isn’t much of a big deal. However, this is a year where every Republican but Donald Trump dropped out a month ago and the endorsements he’s gotten have been shaky at best. A couple of people un-endorsed him over the Trump university judge comments.

Trump’s likability among the general public is about to take another hit. As I predicted, the media (if you can call USA Today media) waited until Trump cannot be removed from the GOP ticket to lay out the hundreds of ordinary working class Americans who have been screwed by Trump’s unwillingness to be accountable. In this case, being accountable for actual money he or his “organization” owed to workers and contractors.

Unlike Mitt Romney, they don’t have to dig up some Democratic Party operative claiming that Romney caused his wife to die from cancer. There are thousands of lawsuits from people who think Trump owes them. While many may be trumped up, (pun intended) the Democrats only need the most legitimate and egregious 1% of victims to have an ad strategy for the entire general election campaign. Hillary Clinton may not be likable, but Donald Trump is on the verge of being a damn monster.


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