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Concern Trolling | June 8, 2016

From what I can tell, most Trump supporters think that he has some formula that will win him the support it will take to win the election this year. Trump opponents, on the other hand, are pretty sure that Trump is unprepared for a general election campaign where his opponent actually has the support of a political party behind them. What’s interesting is that either side is concerned about the opposite result occurring.

The group known as Never Trump is opposed to Donald Trump mostly because he makes the Republican Party look bad. That, in turn, will hurt this election and future elections, especially when Trump escalates a call for increased border security by questioning the motives of judges with Mexican heritage. If Trump loses, it will at least show that his campaign was a fluke with a group of weak candidates. If he wins, however, Trump represents the Republican Party and the careful triangulation on issues will go down the toilet. Those who haven’t jumped on the alternative candidate band wagaon are concern trolling the Trump supporters. That is, they are trying to explain why Trump is a bad choice in the hope that he won’t be elected, or better yet, shouldn’t even be nominated.

On the other hand, the Trumpers are becoming concerned that vocal opposition to Trump, even though they claim it is insignificant, could lead to a Hillary Clinton victory. Their concern trolling is less focused. They are still in the combative mode of denigrating Never Trump people for not falling in line and occasionally trying to appeal to their opposition to Clinton in an attempt to force a Trump vote out of them.

For my part, I try to just support Gary Johnson and not constantly fight Trumpers. However, some of their facts and statistics are misinformed enough that I challenge it. That usually doesn’t go well.


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  1. Actually, I’m convinced all of our candidates are trolls. America as a nation has been punked and trolled. That’s the only logical explaination I can come up with.

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — June 9, 2016 @ 12:06 am

    • I think some of that comes from the fact that Americans are acting like children, picking the people with the easiest answers to rule us.

      Comment by 1539days — June 9, 2016 @ 1:18 am

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