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The Libertarian Option | June 6, 2016

Hot air has a post about the appeal of Gary Johnson as a candidate, especially in comparison to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton believes government should be involved in every part of our lives. Trump believes that only another imperial presidency can write the unilateral orders necessary to make America Great or something. Gary Johnson believes that reducing the federal government to a referee of interstate commerce and diplomatic arm of the United States gives us all the freedom to make our own choices.

Usually, I would support the Republican Platform over the Libertarian one, but Trump has made it clear that the GOP platform is merely a suggestion. If the man is the critical element, I would rather choose a former Republican governor who has had to argue and defend his beliefs. Now, how is Johnson on the issues.

Abortion: Trump has said a number of times that he is pro-life. However, he has also said Planned Parenthood does many great things. If they can bamboozle Trump into believing federal money is being used for anything but the preservation of their abortion business, there’s no point to his presidency. Johnson actually signed a bill banning late-term abortion. Even if he supports earlier abortion, he wouldn’t want government paying for it, and that is what will ultimately diminish it.

War: Trump opposed the war in Iraq, but would use the worst elements from the fog of war as tools, like waterboarding and Abu Gharib humiliation. Or maybe he’ll just drop a MOAB on a city and kill a few thousand people. Johnson opposes military adventurism of many types, but would consider war is there was actual Congressional approval, something presidents (and Congress) avoid.

Religious Liberty: Donald Trump wants a temporary Muslim travel ban, as if there are some papers that will clear up the loyalties of thousands of immigrants. The answers would be impossible to find and the images would be disturbing at least. Gary Johnson wants to remove religious laws that make wearing a Burka mandatory since it limits freedom. He would support gay marriage, but let churches opt out. He would require some cakes to be baked unless legislators adjust the dumb laws that make it a crime to not comply.

If you want a shot in the arm of America, a libertarian serum might do the trick. Hillary Clinton is pushing the same big government dogma and Donald Trump wants to make America great by making everybody do the things he proposes. Gary Johnson wants to unleash America’s inherent greatness.


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