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There is No Alternative | June 5, 2016

I already had this title in the hopper, which also serves the purpose of describing David French’s non-campaign. Otherwise, I would have used “The French Disconnection.”

What I was going to write about is something that is giving Donald Trump power over his detractors on the right. In the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan complained about the media to a country that couldn’t really grasp media bias. Reagan also loosened “equal time” rules on radio and television and that changed everything. Rush Limbaugh and others came on the scene to express conservative principles that were not only absent from the mainstream, but accordingly made money for radio stations in the free market of ideas.

Conservatives have multiple examples of the media being blatantly biased. They also had to develop a sixth sense of what might be hidden bias or an attempt to trick conservatives. This was proven again and again as well. Unfortunately, it means that many on the right reflexively think the media is lying. This was easier to deal with when conservative media spoke with one voice, but now the ideology is split. Donald Trump is exploiting that split to trash media he doesn’t like as equivalent to lying media.

If my choices are to believe Trump or my lying eyes, I’ll take the peepers every time. When he boasts about donations to vets, doesn’t deliver, then goes after the media because he covered his ass with his daughter’s money 3 months after his claim of $6 million with substantially less than $6 million, it’s not the media’s fault for noticing. When Trump criticizes a judge for being biased against Trump because Mexican heritage makes him biased against someone who wants to build a border fence, it is not only a racist statement, it contradicts his theory that legal Mexicans are overwhelmingly in support of the campaign.

In reading about French, I found that people in the so-called “Alt Right” community were critical that he and his wife adopted a Black child. Apparently, the alternative right is the new term for racist assholes behind the crude term cuckservative. As near as I can figure, it has something to do with conservatives who don’t promote the White race, whatever that is anymore. Not surprisingly, they love Donald Trump because all his policies have been about keeping Brown people out of America.

The difficulty for conservatives is that all conservatives have been called racist for the past 50 years and more so during the last 8. Being tired of it, we’ve been ignoring it and have found ways to pin racist ideas on liberals. For example, they also think White people adopting Black children is damaging to racial identity, only they think it harms the Black child instead of the White race.

In essence, people on the right are in danger of not identifying actual racism until it is expressed in such sickening degree that it poisons the whole movement. Trump’s lovable politically incorrect racism is getting less lovable and more hateful.


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