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The Other Foreign Policy Speech | June 4, 2016

Remember when Donald Trump was going to give his big foreign policy speech to give him some gravitas? Of course, it turned out to be the same talking points and the same Always Trumpers said it was awesome and people who listened to the content were unimpressed. This week, Hillary Clinton gave a foreign policy speech where she made a big deal because she sat at a negotiation table or two and continued to not explain how Benghazi went as horribly as it did.

The new part of Hillary’s speech was the sustained attack on Trump over his lack of consistent message using his own quotes. For the most part, this acted as red meat for her supporters. However, Trump’s media war is starting to go against him. His complaints about the judge in one of the Trump University cases being biased because he’s Mexican is about as standard a definition of racism as it gets. I still think the regular people who were financially ruined in the wake of Trump’s business dealings is the real time bomb and that’s waiting until his nomination is secure.

Here’s how I feel about not voting for Trump. First of all, he’ll either win big or lose big and my vote won’t sway that. In other presidential years, I decided I would vote because it racked up the total number of votes cast, and that seemed to be a big deal in 2000. In that sense, I certainly don’t plan to inflate fat head’s ego any more than it is now.


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