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Finding Out the Hard Line | June 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton felt it was necessary to shut down her husband in 2008 as the rhetoric from the Obama camp heated up over Bill Clinton and claims of his use of “fairy tale” as racism. Maybe she saw the writing on the wall and wanted to work in the background to build up her standing in 2016, much like George Bush held back in 1980 and waited to run in 1988. The power of Bill Clinton is formidable among Democrats. Now that Donald Trump has taken on the mantle as Republican standard bearer, Bill Clinton is free to pull out his NAFTA material about how this isn’t the same world anymore and the people who want it back need to be led to a better tomorrow. Or some bullshit like that, I don’t listen to Bill much.

The lack of bullet holes in my TV indicates how little I listen to Donald Trump, either. A week before he was railing against the biased media, he was accepting the AP’s Republican delegate analysis as Gospel because it gave him 1239 delegates and turned him into the slightly more than presumptive (even though there hasn’t been a convention) nominee. Trump has had to deal with two issues in the last week. The first has to do with long-lasting consequences of Trump University and a video full of lies (otherwise known as Trumpisms) endorsing what would have otherwise been just another “make money fast in real estate” scams. The second is the result of Trump’s vague boasts about millions of for veterans, which he has historically leveraged as publicity and endorsement in exchange for smaller donations and a shield against personal attacks.

Today, Trump whores Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter were arguing about what the key to Trumpiness is. Hannity’s shill argument was that he believes everything Trump says that he agrees with and interprets any other Trump statements as media manipulation. Coulter doesn’t even listen that much and simply feels that Donald Trump hates Mexicans as much as she does. Many Trump fans enjoy his bombast and personal attacks on others because of a perception that the other side does the same thing. They are usually more subtle.

One of the reasons that 2004 was so bad for Democrats was that too many leftists and celebrities were public in their support of John Kerry and in their disdain for the American people and their patriotism after 9/11 that led to Republican wins in 2002. The Obama campaign was much more subtle about their supporters, using leaks to friendly media and providing free polling data to Nate Silver to spin their story. On a side note, Donald Trump thought John Kerry would make just as good of a president as George W. Bush in 2004. The guy who know wants to indiscriminately bomb terrorist families seemed to be cool with Kerry’s stance of terrorism as a law enforcement matter.

But let’s look at bombast. One of the most frequent and vocal critics of Obama (while Trump was still equivocating that Obama might turn out to be a swell guy) was Rush Limbaugh. “I hope he fails” was a rallying cry for what would eventually be the Tea Party. It took almost 4 years for the liberals to seriously get Limbaugh with the Sandra Fluke “slut” thing. Limbaugh did not back down against demands that he be taken off the air, but he did say that “slut” was probably not the best term to use. For a Trump supporters, that would probably be a surrender. In reality, it is simply the right trying to be a morally superior example compared to the left.

Then there’s Trump. His rhetorical process is always about more. If he gets attacked about the feasibility of a Mexican wall, he says he’ll make it 10 feet taller. If a candidate wants to allow enhanced interrogation, Trump wants to waterboard people while stretching them on a rack. Over another 5 months, this kind of escalation is going to amount to boastful gibberish that contradicts all those ghost-written policies Trump apologists point to on the campaign website.

This week is a preview of things to come. After being forced to hand money over to veterans’ charities through one of his daughter’s shell companies, he attacked a Hispanic reporter. Then, he blamed a Hispanic judge’s ethnicity for judgments made against him over Trump University. In a real campaign run by adult human beings, your surrogates say crazy crap as trial balloons so you can fix it later. Instead, Trump surrogates either have to clean up for their leader or are as batshit crazy as Trump and then have to be reigned in. Look at Ben Carson.

Trump’s popularity, much like the Tea Party, peaked rapidly and plateaued. His 45% against Hillary Clinton isn’t going to win him the election and his ability to get undecideds is unproven at best. If Hillary Clinton wins, it’s not because NeverTrump wouldn’t vote for him, it’s because they were right about not voting for him in the first place.


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