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Let’s Not Joke About It | May 31, 2016

The Federalist Papers mention a concept called the tyranny of the factions. It is essentially an argument against direct democracy. With direct democracy, the adage that you can fool all of the people some of the time can take on a terrible meaning. The decision making process was originally designed to be long and deliberative because government had great power but should not need to express it too quickly.

While the tyranny of a passion-filled majority is bad enough, the power of a small faction to force change is becoming even worse. The pinnacle of this is the so-called bathroom policy being applied by the federal governments broad authority to hold education money, that state residents pay the federal government in taxes, over their heads.

The response has mostly been derision and mockery. I understand the instinct because the rules are idiotic. The “transgender” individuals supposedly protected by these regulations make up an infinitesimal part of the population. In fact, the number of men abusing these rules to become predators may actually exceed the number of people who have convinced themselves that their God-assigned gender isn’t working for them.

Unfortunately, the debate is the goal. What’s worse is that this idea is so worthy of mockery that it is already becoming part of the culture. Those of us who object to this kind of redefinition of reality have essentially already lost. The Republican Party’s standard bearer doesn’t care about the issue because it doesn’t poll test well.

For me, this is to serious to joke about, so I won’t. One reason to vote Libertarian this year is that such things would not be laws to a libertarian, but left to the discretion of the bathroom’s owner. That’s probably the best we’re going to get.


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