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All’s I Know | May 28, 2016

Even though Murphy Brown was a haven for liberal clap trap, I was a regular viewer until the last couple of awful seasons. One character showed up from time to time. Stuart Best (played by Wallace Shawn) was one of the original anchors of show-within-a-show FYI until being ousted by Murphy and the rest of the team. He was an Andy-Rooney type of character, known for being folksy and using phrases like “all’s I know,” enraging Murphy, whom he called Murph.

The man of the people image of Donald Trump is what a lot of supporters are trying to sell to voters who haven’t decided whether they hate Trump or Hillary less than the other. The fact is, however, that Donald Trump grew up in a bubble of wealth like George Bush (either one) or Mitt Romney, although Romney’s father sold paint out of his trunk at one point. I believe that Trump is as earnest a man as Romney or George W. Bush. Trump just talks plainer.

I understand the attempts to humanize Trump, but I think the idea that he’s somehow in touch with blue collars because he talks to the working class is only indicative of the stereotype of some wealthy patrician who only communicates with the upper crust and the occasional manservant. Whether Trump is dumb or playing dumb to fit in, it’s mostly coming off as the former, and the latter would be even worse.

The interesting thing about the character of Stuart Best is that he came back in a later Murphy Brown episode as a newly elected Republican congressman in the landslide 1994 elections. He was eventually revealed to be a candidate who took money from shadowy racist and fascist groups who had no idea what he would have to agree to after the election. Donald Trump won’t be beholden to moneyed interests, but he will need to account for his often contradictory statements. Right now, I can’t support someone whose main focus was trashing people for their past actions while having none of his own.

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