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Donald Trump is the Nominee… Sort of | May 26, 2016

Lots of people would say that Donald Trump was going to win the Republican nomination a year ago when he announced he was running. I think our fate was sealed when John Kasich chose to stay in the race after all the other nonviable candidates left, making pluralities be as good as majorities for Donald Trump. One of Trump’s personal standards is that getting 35% of the vote should earn him 100% of the delegates and that delegates should be stamped with their assigned candidates name so they can’t be unpledged and make their own decision as Republicans.

It should come as no surprise that the second standard (as well as the first) still doesn’t really apply. The Trump campaign has decided that their delegate math now counts just enough unpledged delegates who verbally endorsed Trump to get him to 1239. I guess being called the “presumptive nominee” wasn’t good enough for the next two weeks.

I’m sure if any Trump supporters wanted to read these posts they would argue that Trump will be the nominee no matter how much I whine about it. I think it is all but certain he will be the Republican nominee, but his jumping the gun reminds me a lot of Barack Obama. After getting more electoral votes on Election Day 2008, he started using a “presidential” seal that used the term “Office of the President Elect of the United States.”

But then Trump is nothing like Obama. Certainly not.


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