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A Fast Sale | May 22, 2016

At an all-time high in absurdity, I see pro-Trump blogs defending Bernie Sanders and anti-Trump columnists talking about being ready for Hillary. Since this is May 22, I thought I would point out a couple of things.

  1. No one has secured a party nomination.
  2. No one even has the necessary number of delegates secured to win a nomination.

Now, there’s a sort of battle brewing with the people supporting Trump as the Republican nominee (80-90% of Republicans) and others who don’t support Trump. Trump fans are painting opponents as both irrelevant and doing damage to the party. It’s either one or the other. In the case of PUMA in 2008, the answer was that the movement was irrelevant to the presidency, although it may have cost the Democrats the majority in the House. Let’s remember some things about Donald Trump.

  1. Donald Trump has run for president before in a non-serious fashion.
  2. Trump was working with the Reform Party and the Democrats.
  3. Trump donated to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and other lefty Democrats.
  4. Trump rejected his Republican registration after a failed attempt at hosting a debate in 2012.
  5. Trump made personal insults toward virtually every Republican running in the 2016 Republican contests.
  6. Trump trashed George W. Bush over the Iraq War.
  7. Donald Trump has never held any political or government office of any kind.

These factors may not mean that Trump is unqualified for the office of President of the United States. However, it means that Donald Trump needs to mend some fences and eat some crow if he wants a united Republican Party to support him. Or, he could choose to “tell it like it is” for the next 5 months and whine that Republicans with a little self respect are traitors. This sale is being forced on conservatives a little too fast and it could very well lead to a stronger never Trump reaction.

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