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Try Again, Sony | May 18, 2016

The second trailer for the slow-motion disaster that is Ghostbusters 2016 came out today. At first glance, Sony Pictures is trying to distance itself from the movie already. Their logo is missing from the beginning of this new trailer and the YouTube video isn’t even on Sony’s site this time. The confusing opening references to the original movie are gone, given that this movie exists in a world where the original Ghostbusters never existed.

The four women on the team are not even introduced this time. There’s more action, less humor (still just as unfunny) and more Thor and Slimer. If there was ever an example of putting lipstick on a pig, this is it.

Sony now has 2 months to try re-shooting, re-editing and marketing this unpopular concept into something that won’t damage Sony’s reputation any more than the hacked e-mails already did. One thing I noticed is that the trailer seemed better because the Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters theme was played on and off for almost the entire time. Let’s see how many people that fools.


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