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Not to Be Taken Literally | May 16, 2016

Over the years, I have referred to the political ham sandwich, a candidate that has no other winning attributes other than being less bad than the other guy. Hillary Clinton was such a bad candidate in 2008 that Barack Obama was created by the Democrats to run an anti-Bush campaign. The Clintons must have worked to take over the party because most of the Democrats are now ready for Hillary and her only opposition is an old socialist whose campaign was a little less of a joke than she expected.

Republicans and conservatives were a little too amused by Clinton’s potential nomination to put the requisite effort into getting the right GOP candidate. It may be true that a ham sandwich could beat Hillary Clinton this year. That does not mean that the party should have gotten a ham sandwich nominated.

Now, I know the legend of Donald Trump (a told by John Miller) is of a guy who’s not part of the Washington system and still beat all the insiders and the establishment to win. The reality is that the donors and the friends of the Bushes decided to support a guy who was in 4th or 5th place in the polls while letting Ted Cruz flounder with no money while Donald Trump spent millions of his own money. How could a spoiler not win under those conditions?

So, I have three problems with a Trump campaign. First, he has a fair shot at losing. I think Libertarians will do well this year and he’s to Democrats what Hillary is to Republicans, GOTV fuel. Second, he has few allies to getting what he wants done. Republicans are “endorsing” him because they have no other choice, while others are trying to develop a Trump-free campaign strategy for Congress. Finally, even if all this works and America goes Trump’s way, a lot of his protectionist nationalism bullshit is a pipe dream that will not achieve the desired goals and will probably make the economy less stable.

I’m still indifferent to Trump. I’m not indifferent to this country.


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