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It’s John Miller Time! | May 15, 2016

I understand why Trump supporters think that his whole campaign is some sort of Xanatos Gambit where everything he says or does, or has happen to him, was either by design or somehow improves his position even when unplanned. I used to think that way about campaigns I was favoring myself. Obama supporters thought the same thing and his two wins “proved” he was an 11th dimensional chess genius.

It’s no surprise that I see a lot of comments about Trump playing the media in regard to the John Miller story. John Miller is the name of a Trump spokesperson who is actually Donald Trump wanting to brag about himself using a false identity. I believe any Trump supporter happy with this should lose the right to talk about Anthony “Carlos Danger” Wiener’s use of a false identity.

My problem is not really about personal animus toward Donald Trump. It’s that the Republican Party (possibly the United States) has reached peak stupid and is masking ignorance as indifference. I don’t think Trump voters are dumb. I do, however, think most are doing a dumb thing. In 2012, there were over a dozen candidates and none of them wanted to be the establishment choice. We all knew that Mitt Romney was. 2016 had more Republicans from the Tea Party, but they had been in government and made decisions that couldn’t pass the exacting standards of people who want a right wing version of Barack Obama.

Trump is the (slightly more) conservative version of Obama. He has no record of failing or succeeding in government. He financing some buildings, but that happens around the world every day at an even larger scale. Sheldon Adelson builds casinos and endorsed Marco Rubio. Maybe we should have voted for Rubio. Of course, Adelson is donating $100 million to Trump. I guess it’s a good thing Donald hasn’t said anything dumb about Israel yet.

I’ve been in this place before. I had months of complaints about Mitt Romney. I was cold on McCain until he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. I was going to vote against Bush in 2004 until the Democrats ran John Kerry. So, why wouldn’t I change my mind this time? Probably because many Trump supporters are assholes who want to insult people into voting for Trump, then mock them for having no principles.

I figure, what the hell? The Republican Party is a mess. All these claims about some nebulous GOP “establishment” are the old Rockefeller Republican arguments from 20 years ago. Nelson Rockefeller hasn’t been Vice president for 40 years and he’s been dead for 37. We’ve had Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush and the Tea Party overhaul. The term establishment just means the people who don’t do everything you want exactly when you want it. I remember a time when real Republicans complained about Bill Clinton governing by polls. Donald Trump based his campaign on illegal Mexicans, Chinese factory workers and Muslims immigrants because people complain about that the most, even thought the government would have to do some authoritarian shit to combat it.

This is my Xanatos Gambit. If I vote for a Libertarian and he wins, the whole political system gets knocked on its ass, like Trump supporters claim they want. If Hillary Clinton wins, the GOP will be forced to accept conservatives or end up with lunatics running for office, something they started to do in 2014. What if Trump wins? Well, the Democrats are going to have to change their coalition because they have very little in the way of local politicians to fall back on anymore. They’ll either become a more centrist party or end up making the Republicans so big we can weed out idiots like Trump in the future.

Then again, I think Trump wants the Obama administration to call off the IRS audit so he would be forced to release his tax returns. Then Trump drops out because he just wanted to avoid an audit in the first place. If you don’t believe me, just ask John Miller.



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