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Indifference 2016: The Sequel | May 8, 2016

Trump supporters, however, are not ignorant. They are indifferent. I have heard so many times now the unofficial Trump campaign theme of “I don’t care” when I bring up negative talking points about Donald Trump. The other popular sentiment is “burn it down,” referring to the Republican politicians who have not blocked a budget or filibustered the White House indefinitely. Then again, Cruz has done those things individually.
Quoting myself 3 months ago

Well, now it’s burned down.

In the last week, the media has imitated Sean Hannity’s breathless pronouncements that Donald Trump has defied political gravity and statistical calculation with nothing but a twitter account and a million pounds of jet fuel. Trump’s campaign is not unprecedented, but his win might be.

There’s something else that is unprecedented. Aside from pundits who make a living getting attention, politicians who try to avoid controversy are either wary or outright defiant about supporting Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. The #NeverTrump movement is no longer just about malcontents, but actual members of the party.

Trump supporters are now trying to convince, cajole and shame conservatives and Republicans into supporting Trump. Hillary Clinton could win without a united front. A third party vote will insure a Clinton victory. Trump got those delegates, you must fall in line! Those voices are being met with…

Wait for it.


Normally, the Republicans can get behind someone who’s conservative, but maybe a little too moderate for the base’s liking. Romney was fiscally conservative, but he was disturbing on abortion and Obamacare. McCain was disturbing on immigration and the campaign finance reform issue that killed the campaign financially. Donald Trump is nothing but disturbing. He’s socially liberal and fiscally inconsistent. He flip flops on many issues. Now he’s the hero of 1/3 of Republicans and many of the Democrats who didn’t like Obama, but couldn’t change the course of the 2008 election.

So now people like me don’t care. Hillary may or may not win. Leave me out of it. If Donald Trump can really win a general election as a politician who is promising a reversion of the United States to 1960, go ahead and win it. Until Donald Trump admits that he needs help and his main skill is marketing Donald Trump, I’m going to sit and watch the dumpster fire; upwind, of course.


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